Starting a Series on DOWNTON ABBEY

My plan is to watch one episode a day and blog about my three favorite episodes of each season. You can find the television series for free at your local library. I’m watching on Netflix. My husband bought me the first movie on digital as a surprise. Flowers and candy are for amateurs. Marry someone who cares enough to know what you really like. 😉 We’ve been together for decades, if you want to know my qualifications for relationship advice. Hubby also drove me down to our local crafting store so I could buy Scrapbook supplies, because he knew that would cheer me up too. The present real world is ugly right now. We all need some pleasant distractions to help us through. I’m starting a scrapbook on Downton Abbey and will blog about that. Scrapbooking and junk journaling are highly sensorial hobbies. There’s texture, scent, visual. For me, the important starter is Theme. Sometimes it’s to focus on a wonderful celebration, like the birth of a new baby, and sometimes it’s to escape into an imaginary world. I’m going to make my husband an Indiana Jones journal for Christmas, you know, the Grail Diary from the second movie which is my personal favorite. Shhh! It’s a surprise.

I’ve found this channel extremely helpful-

I’m watching Episode 1, Season 1 of Downton Abbey today. Who’s with me?

Be Brave, Be Kind.