Done Again with GILT by Katherine Longshore

The cover art is the only thing not to like about this book. You can’t tell by looking at it that it is set in Tudor England. Maybe the cover fairies were trying to focus on their target audience trends at the time of publication. Trends are more trouble than their worth, if you ask me.


This is still the best Historical Fiction about Katherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII, in my opinion. The author totally nails the adolescent nature of that unfortunate young girl, and her friend, caught up the brutal world of that time.

As a mom of adolescents, I can’t help but feel so sorry for Katherine Howard and I think that’s why she’s my second favorite Tudor Queen. She’s a painful reminder that human nature never changes.

You should totally get this book. It’s probably at your local library and you can certainly get it at eBay or some other secondary online market and, of course, Amazon.

There’s some debate among historians whether this is Catherine Howard or not. I like to believe that it is. The young lady is beautiful and arrayed in the queen’s jewels.

In case you’re wondering who my favorite Tudor Queen is, then just scroll down to Anna of Kleve. She’s the Queen who survived them all.