Review: HIDING IN ALASKA by Belle Calhoune

Good morning, Blog Buds! Long time, no review. This is one of at least two reviews of Alaskan Romance I’ll do this summer, both by authors I’ve reviewed before.

Alaska is often called ‘The Last Best Place to Hide,’ because you can jump out of an airplane and no one will ever find you. Or your body, if you forgot your chute.

Isabelle moves to Alaska to hide, like many before her, but not because she wants to and she’s not at all thrilled with the idea. Terrified is more like it. She’s just been put into the Witness Protection Program after a murder. So she arrives in Owl Creek more than a little shaken up, but determined to make the best of it.

Conner literally fell for the pretty new girl in town, he slipped on syrup, and came up to the sweetest girl he’d ever met. But, his baby sister had been kidnapped and recovered, the trauma to him and his family had left a deep scar. He senses something about the newcomer. He knows she’s hiding something and that makes him apprehensive.

Isabelle tries to get involved in small town life, to blend into the scenery, but it’s hard to keep secrets where everyone knows everybody. Her evasiveness makes her stand out. After going for a ditch dive on the icy Alaskan roads, she also comes to rely on Connor for transportation while her vehicle is in the shop.

Conner’s a great listener and it’s hard not to fall in love. But, Isabelle is so jittery, even getting chosen Employee of the Month at the chocolate factory sends her into a panic. And it only gets worse, another witness gets whacked.

This novel was almost a Love Inspired Suspense, which is the only Romantic Suspense line I read of any publisher. Because there’s no nookie, there’s a lot more variety of characters and the reader isn’t constantly deluged with macho men and kick-butt clones. Anyway, I recommend you flee the high heat of summer to the cool town of Owl Creek and enjoy an escape into this small town again. I’ve been there several time myself, since I’ve read a few of Belle’s other books. You should totally check them out too.

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Belle Calhoune – Publisher’s Weekly Best Selling Author

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  1. Beth Carpenter says:

    And isn’t that cover beautiful! I wish Owl Creek was a real place so I could visit. I’ve read a few in the series and will look forward to reading this one.


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