The Day After Election Day

Good morning, Blog Buds. The fact is I have friends from both sides of the political spectrum. That’s what happens when a person is able to practice mutual respect. Anyway, I’m worried about some of them, because they seem to believe if only their favored candidate wins the presidential election on Tuesday that everything will be okay. I know it’s only human nature to want to cast leaders into the roles of villain and hero.

But, History teaches us a different lesson.

Only we can rescue ourselves and each other from this pandemic and its economic fallout, which will carry on for at least the next few months, possibly longer. We’re made of tough stuff. Our grandparents and great-grandparents made it through much worse.

Last Spring, I posted about different resources to see us through and I’d like to remind you of them. There are many more out there, so please do your own research too, online, at the library, and the thrift stores.

I posted this one just before the Lockdown, all about bracing myself for Seasonal Affected Disorder, which I face every January. This winter looks to be even more brutal.

Then, the Lockdown hit and I knew there’d be a run on Baby Chicks. I was planning on a new flock this year, but the economic fallout made them essential. I ordered extras for extended family members, just in case they couldn’t find some in time.

Weren’t they adorable? This picture was taken just after arrival and I was working on getting their heat lamp just right. By the way, my new flock is churning out eggs like crazy. It’s a good idea to freeze extra eggs for the dark days of winter when egg production slows down or stops because of less sunlight. Chickens are solar powered! I break two to four eggs in a bowl, stir just enough to break the yolks, then drop them into a zip-lock bags and freeze. Laying hens are a renewable resource. They make lovable pets and turn your garbage into excellent protein!

Posts on my chickens-

Of course, not everyone lives where they can have even a two-hen coop. In that case, I suggest looking into Quail.

I planted my very first garden this year and it yielded just enough veggies for a hearty pot of stew. But, hey, now I have some skills! Next year, my garden is going to be bigger and better, I just know it. But, what if there’s a problem with shipping again, and I can’t get the seeds I need? Got that covered too.

So, learn some skills! You can totally do this. We all can.

No politician can save us, but we can save each other. Yes, please, wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep socially distanced, but also plan your garden, learn to sew by hand, tune up your bicycle, and budget carefully.

And if you still think your candidate winning on Tuesday will magically make everything okay, I’m here for you the day after. I know you can handle this and I know where you can find the great books to get you through it.

In an angry world, it takes incredible courage to help our neighbors. That’s why my new motto is this-

Be Brave, Be Kind.