“Tommy Toodles” An American Character Doll from 1960

fred2So I found this doll at an estate sale and he’s missing most of one arm, is articulated, and the size and feel of a real three month old baby.  The lady said her late mother bought it used decades ago, for the kids she babysat for to play with.  I bought him and named him Frederick after one of my own mother’s old dolls.

Because Freddy is about 60 years old, I feared sanitizing him would take his paint off.  So he sat in quarantine for a while.  I then tried a damp cloth wipe-down.  Nothing happened.  I tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasure.  Again, nada.  The paint didn’t come off and neither did sixty years of dirt.

So this little guy is as clean as I can get him at this point.  Will do more research and see if there’s more I can do for him.  Regardless, I think he’s adorable.  I redressed him in yard sale clothes.  He’s sitting in a baby seat almost as old as him.

You can find Freddy’s description near the bottom of this page- Doll Reference – American Character Dolls

Be Kind & Stay Safe.