Surprise Doll Box Opening! ‘Pink Teddy’ from Aori


Surprise!  I totally did not expect to get a new realistic baby doll for a long time, if ever.  But my husband had accumulated a lot of customer rewards points buying necessities and used a bunch of them to get this doll for me.  Aori is a new doll company similar to other factory-made realistic baby dolls.  Like some collectors, they call their dolls ‘Reborn.’  In fact, a real Reborn is created by an individual artist.  These dolls were made in a factory with a few human touches added, like Paradise Galleries and Ashton Drake.

If you can buy this doll with realistic expectations, I think you will be happy.  I am.  Here are the boxes she came in.


This is what I saw when I opened the pink box.  Adorable!


She came with all these accessories.  They are toy quality items.  I gave the bib and bottle to my daughter for her Baby Alive dolls.  I prefer real baby items for my realistic baby dolls.  I’ll use the blanket for my smaller sized Berenguer dolls.


The pacifier is magnetic.  I’ll probably adapt a real one with a magnet instead.

Of course, the first thing I do is undress the doll and examine her.  You can see she has a wig, similar to my Adora dolls.


The doll is not weighted, but it’s very easy to add weight to a doll.  So it’s no problem for me.  She doesn’t have armatures, so her arms flop over and are underfilled, in my opinion.  But this is also an easy fix for me and an opportunity to add more weight to her.  The legs are also underfilled.


As you can see, she came wearing a diaper too.  Yes, I do think the bend in her leg is a bit odd, but I don’t mind.

I think her hands are very nice.


Here is a foot.



More particular doll collectors might say her cloth body isn’t the best, but I don’t mind.  Just gives me another excuse to customize her in the future.  I think her body is fine.

Clothing details.







And shirt.


Once I’m done checking out a new doll, I dress her in real baby clothes.  Say ‘Bye-bye,’ Opal!


Aori Dolls are a good choice for children who adore dolls, because they are safety-tested for a younger age and much less expensive than real Reborns and many other realistic baby dolls.  They’re also a great choice for adult collectors like me who simply love realistic baby dolls!  To get your Aori doll, pop over to their store at Amazon-   Aori Store at Amazon

One last look at Opal with four of her adopted siblings.


Left to right, Stevie (Adora Dolls,) Candace (1985 ‘Real Baby’ from Hasbro,) Opal, Bella (Adora Dolls,) and Annabelle (about 20 years old, a Berenguer doll.)  If you want to know more about the other dolls, please check out my other posts on the topic.   My Realistic Baby Doll Collection

Stay Safe & Be Kind.