Thrift Store Find: Hasbro Real Baby


My second favorite place to go on a hot date with my husband is a thrift store.  Book stores come first, obviously, but I can also find wonderful books at thrift stores.  Anyway, last year we were on a hot date to a thrift store and I found this beautiful doll.  I didn’t buy her, because she was out of my price range.  Fast forward months and months and we revisited the same thrift store and she was still there.  After so long, I knew the seller might be open to negotiation, so I made an offer.  She counter-offered and I accepted.  Afterwards, I looked her up on eBay and she was going for a lot more.  I feel blessed.

This doll was marketed as the African American version, but that was 35 years ago!  She does not look African American to me.  I was going to name her after the Queen of Ethiopia, but I’m calling her Alice for now.  I wanted her name to reflect her heritage.  More research and pondering is required.  I’m thinking she looks like she’s from India.  One seller on eBay listed her as possibly Hispanic.  What do you think?


Alice was originally created as a child’s toy.  Her vinyl is hard to withstand play.  She is not velvety soft like my Ashton Drake dolls.  However, she is weighted a little and her cloth torso is very cuddly.  She has her own bottle, but I don’t really like it.  I’m going to modify a real pacifier to fit her mouth instead.

Alice is about 22 inches long and looks like a six month old baby.  Her hair is glued on, which is a lousy choice for a child’s toy.  However, this was probably not realized 35 years ago when she was created.  In this day, it doesn’t really matter to me.


Alice had never been out of her box.  She still had on her hair net and was still strapped in.  The front plastic had ripped.  I found this all very sad.  A doll is created to be enjoyed, to bring comfort and delight.  I got her out and dressed her in real baby clothes right away.  She’s hanging out with my larger dolls in the carriage and will probably stay there, except when I’m holding her, of course.

I think she’s very sweet.