Surprise! Adora Doll Details

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Adora’s “Tutti Frutti” on eBay

This doll is retired.  We bought our doll from a private collector, not eBay.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  Please research the individual seller and product.  I chose the best deal I could find for you, my opinion, but I am not responsible for the quality of product or service.

Doll Collectors are a Soft Touch

Surprise gift from my husband today.  The thing about love is that you don’t need to understand why your spouse likes what she likes.  You only need to know that it makes her smile and you want that.

One thing about Doll Collectors, our dolls have excellent resale value.  Naturally, it breaks our hearts to have to sell any of them.  So when it becomes necessary, we tend to sell to another Doll Collector.  We know the doll will be very well cared for and, quite likely, we can buy her back one day.  Or trade, or just be given her back.

“Tutti-Frutti” came available and I was honored to be trusted with her and, of course, thrilled with my husband.  She is in new condition, though obviously handled and redressed.  I’ve renamed her “Bella.”  She is by the same artist as the doll I bought for my mom a few years ago and then inherited when my mother passed away.  He’s the Froggy Fun Boy, and also retired.  Mom named him “Stevie.”


All About My Bella

Now to the details, you can tell right off that Bella is less realistic than my other dolls.  She is about 20 inches long, the same size as the average newborn baby.  But she looks like a two year old child.  Also, her body parts are hard vinyl, not squishy soft like my other dolls.  Nevertheless, Bella is weighted and does feel very real in my arms.  Her little face is beautiful and her blue eyes are stunning.  Froggy Fun boy has green eyes.bella2Notice the hair is very thick, not like my other realistic baby dolls.  This is a wig, not individually rooted or glued.  It’s soft and can be brushed, though with great care.  Check out that little foot!


bella5 This doll is safety-tested for children ages 6 years and older.  But they’re so special, please teach any child you give one of these dolls to how to properly care for them.  That’s common sense, of course, but also financially wise.  They’re not cheap.

bella6My mother actually tried to re-stuff the Froggy Fun boy, but found he would not sit up if she didn’t leave him the way he came.  So, consider that if you want to make modifications to the doll.

My goodness, I’m really getting spoiled and Christmas is still two weeks away!

Here is Bella in real baby clothes with her brother, Stevie, ready for Christmas.  Except Stevie really needs a red santa hat to go with his reindeer outfit.


🙂  Stay Kind & Be Safe.

Disclaimer:  These opinions and recommendations are based on my own experience, which might not be appropriate for you.