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It was brought to my attention that in a month in a half, we will once again be back in the Roaring 20s.  Awesome.  So I went looking for some great movies set in that time period and you know what?  They stink.  Well, most of ’em.  I mean, I guess they’re okay, it’s just they’re super repetitive.  You’d think all anyone did in the 1920s was drink illegal booze, dance like a flapper, and drive really fast cars.  Actually, that decade had a lot in common with the 1950s, my other favorite decade.  Both happened after the end of world wars and had the Great Depression in between.  The Spanish Flu Pandemic happened just before the 1920s.  It was a heck of a time to be alive, really.  At all.

Gorgeous fashion.

Great music.

The good news is J. K. Rowling set Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them in 1926 and Hollywood was good enough to turn into a movie.

Anyway, it got me thinking this would be a good time to start a new series of pillar posts, starting on December 3rd.  The 1910s were pretty crazy too, so I don’t want to leave them out.  I mean, besides the aforementioned pandemic, there was also the sinking of the Titanic.


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What’s that got to do with Bianca and who the heck is she anyway?  Bianca is the identical twin sister of Ophelia, heroine of NEWBLOOD & THE ICE PRINCESS and it’s established in that novel that she is destined to be a Time Traveler.

I adore the Time Travel trope and most of my favorite STAR TREK episodes are, in fact, Time Travel ones.  It was only natural I’d write my own.


Interestingly enough, I disliked the original Time Machine novel by J. G. Wells, not sure why.

Maybe I was forever warped by these guys-


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Not sure how long I’ll carry on with this series, depends on how much fun stuff I can dig up.  The sad thing is most of us were taught to hate history in high school and then we’ve endure countless politicians and extremists twisting it to promote their own agendas.  Like they really give a crap about us.  Good grief.  But, actually, history can be a lot of fun.  Check out this video about dressing up like a Flapper, if you want to see what I mean.

Michelle Phan’s “Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl”

Stay Cool & Be Kind.


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