MaryJane’s Farm & Grit, My Favorite Homesteading Magazines


maryjanesfarmTypically, I buy magazines based on topics, and it’s almost always homesteading topics.  I can’t remember the last time I bought a non-homesteady type magazine, in fact.  I love MaryJane’s Farm


It contains a huge variety of topics, not just how to dig in the dirt and feed chickens.  I can also learn how to restore a vintage camper trailer, clean up yard sale wicker furniture, and join a Sisterhood of Farmgirls


Come to think of it, there is one other magazine I willingly part money with to get.

reminisceI do love Reminisce but my mother gave that one to me.  It generally can’t be found on the shelves and the subscription must be bought, generally online.


Grit has all the down & dirty homesteady topics I need, like how to build a worm bin and how to choose the best livestock guardian dog, llama, or donkey for my farm. gritmagazine

There are a bunch of other magazines, which I do buy several of each year.  But, these are the ones I get regularly, nearly every issue.

This is my last Cowboy Baby post before I go on summer break.  After this, my posts will be random, besides the two prescheduled posts per week.

Happy Trails!