Bracing For the Big Adventure (RV Organization)


Summertime!  I’m going on an adventure! I’m Bilbo Baggins out the door!  Woo-hoo!


Hobbit Board Game at Walmart

Moms are funny creatures.  I’m so glad when school starts and I’m so glad when it ends.  My wonderful in-laws literally gave us their Class-A RV a couple of years ago and I just love it.  In all honesty, it’s not terribly convenient for us, because our family is twice as big as theirs.  But, that RV has way too many memories in it to ever trade in.  You know me, I love a great story.  Family Memories are the best ones.

This summer we’re going to be spending way more time in the RV than we ever have and so I’m on my final week of preparing for that.  Since there is no greater resource than veterans of any kind, I turned to my favorite Full-Time RV Adventurers on YouTube.

Keep Your Daydream


To buy the shirt- Summer to Remember

This family of five has several really great episodes on organizing your RV.  Here is the funniest one-   Hilarious RV Tour

Sean & Kristy don’t have children, but their organizational episodes are still really great.

51FnloptwEL._SY346_ I found the kitchen one particularly helpful, because she stresses the importance of being realistic in what you cook in regards to what you bring and how you store it.  The fact is we do a lot of eating with friends and family and they with us throughout the summer.  It’s very different than how we dine at home.  Check it out-   Setting Up An RV Kitchen

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