‘Pretty in Pink’ by Waltraud Hanl, an Ashton Drake Doll

Sorry it took so long to get this post up.  thumbnail_IMG_0050This is what I saw when I opened the box and lifted back the papers.  I’ve named her Arianna Isabella.  My husband bought her for me just in the nick of time too.  She is now retired.  She is no longer sold new from Ashton Drake Galleries.

71WTRqSylbL._SY355_But, you can buy her in new condition from secondary sites, like eBay.  Expect to pay full prize because she is an award-winning collectable doll.  As you can see, our other Ashton Drake dolls, Evangeline and Serena, witnessed the blessed event, dressed in their original outfits.  Evangeline is the ‘A Moment in My Arms’ doll and Serena is the ‘Littlest Sweetheart’ doll.  Serena belongs to my daughter.

thumbnail_IMG_0046Lizzie, one of our cats, was curious, but otherwise kept her feelings to herself.

thumbnail_IMG_0073Arianna was built to resemble a six-month old baby, but she is not weighted.  She is 21 inches long and her hair is rooted.  Not glued.  She wears size 3 to 6 month old baby clothes.  I was so impressed by her delicate hands!  Also, her eyes are very realistic with green around the pupils instead of just a solid color.


Her shoulders and hips rotate, her feet are pudgy, and she feels wonderful in my arms.  She has one defect.  Her leg is twisted.  Ashton Drake has a one year guarantee and would fix it for me.  However, Arianna represents one of my real babies who also has Special Needs.


Therefore, Arianna is perfect for me.  🙂

thumbnail_IMG_0070I found it helpful when I was deciding which doll to buy to see dolls compared side by side, and so here are all three dolls.


Arianna is 21 inches, Evangeline is 20 inches, and Serena is 16 inches.  And here are all of my realistic baby dolls in a family portrait with their new ‘sister.’  Not all are super expensive collectables, but they are each precious to me.


Top left, Annabelle, a Berenguer doll gifted to me by sweet church ladies after my husband lost his job years ago, Arianna, and Jimmy on the Top Right, a very old Walmart doll my daughter found for me at a thrift store.  Front Left, Evangeline and Serena.  Front Right in the yellow, a new Walmart doll my daughter spent all her Christmas money on to buy for me, and Front Right, Alexandra, a Berenguer doll from the aforementioned church ladies and gifted to the same daughter who actually owns Serena too.

It’s very important to watch a lot of videos when you buy a doll online, because they are multidimensional works of art.  A flat picture doesn’t do them justice.  Here is a link to one I watched a lot before I bought Arianna-   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a56zZIbRgIY&t=125s

To find dolls like mine, visit https://www.ashtondrake.com/

or Google ‘Berenguer dolls’ and check out the doll department at Walmart.  Some of them are retired, so you will need to search for them on eBay or other secondary sites.