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The Nanny Who Saved the World

You could say Elizabeth Ann Everest was the Nanny Who Saved the World. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but only because Winston Churchill was one of many who helped save the world back in World War II. He would not have become the man he did without his nanny. Humans seem to think great people magically…

Spotlight: ALASKAN AMBUSH by Sarah Varland

He’ll take down their pursuers… If she gets them out of the wilderness alive. Pursued through the wilderness after an ambush that left his partner dead, Anchorage police officer Micah Reed stumbles on his assailants’ other target—backcountry tracker Kate Dawson. His best friend’s sister’s just the person to help him outrun the criminals…and solve his…

Review: THE GOVERNESS’S SECRET BABY by Janice Preston

  *After my rant about fictional nannies and governess, I wanted to give you a review about a believable one. This is actually a revision of an old review.* * I wanted this book from the first time I saw the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? Harlequin Historicals are almost always blessed with beautiful cover art….

Grand Finale for SWEET HOME ALASKA!

Check out this swag. Better hop on over while you can.  I’m hitting the road again, but this little beauty is on my BUY list.  Grand Finale Blitz for SWEET HOME ALASKA

Spotlight: A BACHELOR, A BOSS, AND A BABY by Rachel Lee

Not quite the assistant he was looking for. But maybe the one he needs… Conard County’s new urban planner is juggling more than a job—she’s fostering her cousin’s baby, too. And Diane Finch isn’t sure how her boss, Blaine Harrigan, will take to her cuddly new assistant. But the Irishman’s as comfortable with babies as…

Tour: SWEET HOME ALASKA by Beth Carpenter

I didn’t have time to commit to this tour, but I wanted you all to know about it.  I’ve reviewed for this author before and she’s awesome!  Also, there are really cool prizes.  Pop over and check it out.  SWEET HOME ALASKA tour at Prism